Locus Publishing Company


Chinese Cubes is an innovative, never-seen-before learning system that teaches Chinese using characters, technology, and all of your learning senses. Through the use of augmented reality, physical cubes and sequential learning modules, everyone can learn Chinese in a way that is easily transferable and rewarding. Users place the individual character blocks under their webcam, and the interactive program will show the English definition on-screen. By adopting the latest technology, Chinese Cubes has made the task of learning Chinese fun and easy.

Idealist Information Co., Ltd.


Idealist Information. Co., Ltd,. is the first educational software design company in Taiwan. We have received the Best Digital Contents Producer Award from the Industrial Development Bureau. Our products have received Taiwan's Digital Content Award in the categories of digital learning and quality digital education materials, and the Bronze metal for Training of Horizon Interactive Awards, USA. We were also nominated for the Best Electronic Journal for the Digital Publishing Award.

IQChinese Corp.



IQChinese Corp., a World leading Chinese language learning solution provider. Our mission is to use the intelligent technology to provide easy, enjoyable and effective ways of learning Chinese. Our vision is to be the World No. 1 "Computer Aided Chinese Learning" product and service brand. Our products including: innovative courseware and software tools, teaching materials, and professional teacher training.


LiveABC’s Chinese learning materials employ innovative multimedia techniques to teach Mandarin in a comprehensive way. Our products have a variety of audiovisual content designed to help beginners learn Chinese step-by-step.





Far East Book Company


Founded in 1950, The Far East English-Chinese Dictionary won the Golden Tripod Award in 1977. In 1994, the company launched its “Far East New Age English-Chinese Multimedia Dictionary” CD-ROM, which won the international King Title. The company has since published other successful multimedia Chinese- language learning products, such as the following CD-ROMs: “Far East  Illustrated English-Chinese Dictionary,” “Far East Chinese-English  Multimedia Dictionary,” “Far East Everyday Chinese,” and “Far East  3000 Chinese Character Dictionary.”

Sun Net Technology Ltd.


SUN NET Technology is the leading company in the e-Learning industry by its software development, e-Learning platform, digitized learning materials, content design, marketing strategy and customer services. Our many clients prefer to work with Sun Net because we both understand how people learn and think and can tailor make courses suited to their needs.